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Composition is another really important element in your video making. It doesn't cost a thing and will make a huge difference to how professional and beautiful your videos look. It really doesn't matter what camera or smartphone you have, or whether you're looking to create an instagram story or a two hour documentary, just keep these few things in mind.


Leading Lines

Leading lines are the key compositional element that carries our eye through the photograph. They can be used to emphasise the subject, create depth and create a visual journey from one place to another. Examples include roads, fences, rivers and the shoreline. A leading line creates an easy path for the eye to follow through the visual you have created.


Rule of Thirds

You've probably heard of this, but incase you haven't. The rule of thirds suggests dividing your image into thirds and placing the subject on one of those sides, instead of in the center. Like other rules in composition the rule of thirds is meant only as a guideline, as placing your subject in the centre can also make for a beautiful composition. However more often than not, the rule of thirds helps create stronger images. 



Using framing is another way you can emphasize the subject you are filming. Whether it's a very literal frame, like a window or a door or something in nature like tree branches, you can even frame with light or a lack of light. 



When you add depth it helps create a sense of place and draw the viewer into your images. You can show distance in photos by overlapping different elements. The layers of different mountain ranges are a good example of this. Look for interesting foreground objects to add extra interest to your photos. Oftentimes a shot can be made better with a change in perspective. You could try getting low to the ground to include some interesting foreground. 


Watch Movies

Another way to improve your composition is to look at other peoples films and photography or even paintings or illustrations that you love and analyse how they have created such beautiful imagery.

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