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How to plan successful video content for your brand by considering your customers journey

So you're excited to create videos, but what kind of video does your brand really need? It’s important to think thoroughly about the kind of video you would like to make because you want to be sure you are creating something that contributes to helping your customer find the right solution to their problem in your product or service – and you want them to feel happy about it!

When planning your video content it is helpful to think about where your customer is in their journey of discovering your brand. To get a better idea of what the “customer journey” is, I’ve broken it down into three sections, beginning, middle and end with some examples of video content that could fit there. It's the same principle whether you're a huge business or sitting at your kitchen table. 


Potential clients enter your world at the beginning, this is the discovery of your brand. At this point customers have found you either from stumbling across you ( eg. pinterest, instagram, on someone else's website) or by looking for a solution to a problem they have (eg. google search). At this stage they are interested in finding out a bit more about you and whether you’re a brand they’d like to support.

At this beginning stage you can keep your video content more general, perhaps it's not even about your product or service at all. This type of content keeps new visitors coming onto the site and inspires them to learn more about your brand. However it does need to fit with what your brand stands for.

Content Ideas

You can create short videos that entertain, educate or delight viewers. Keep it short less than 30 seconds and cover one topic per video. You could create very quick how to videos, previews of longer videos to catch peoples attention, travel videos, book reviews, recipes, gallery visit, create a timelapse. You could collaborate with other brands.


Pinterest, Instagram, Google Search, Facebook


Once you’ve sparked interest in someone they move through the journey, not everyone will, but that doesn’t matter you want your dream clients not everyone. So now you can start being more specific with your content. This is the part where people are getting to know your brand so here you want to build trust and provide them value.

Content Ideas

Create longer videos that are more indepth than what you created in the beginning stage. Provide solutions, educational videos that show you know what you're talking about. Solve some of your clients problems. Create videos highlighting the larger mission and vision of your company. Provide a behind the scenes look, share the making of your product, introduce your team, create a timelapse, do a q+a.


Your blog, Instagram TV, your website, your newsletter


When a customer reaches the end of the journey, they are more or less ready to purchase and are just making the final decision. Video content here needs to just tip them over the edge.

Content Ideas

You can create product/service videos to offer a simple explanation of how you can provide value to customers, use a call to action at the end. You could make case study videos or reviews you could feature a customers story, therefore showing evidence that others have found value from your product or service. it can also be good to add some specific data. You could also show what not to do with a product.


Your website, sales pages and product descriptions rather than on your blog.


What we are considering here is how your clients connect and interact with your brand at each stage of their journey and how video can help guide them towards making a purchase. By looking for the gaps in their journey you will be able to see where a new video would fit perfectly.

Remember the journey doesn't end at the end, it's more like a circle. If you help your customer they'll be back watching more of your videos and continuing to be a part of your community and making more purchases.

If you are intrigued by this post and would like to learn more about creating videos you can read more of our blogs here and you can watch some of our work for clients here.

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