Munjiri Videos is a videographer team based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We help your business grow by telling your real story through compelling short films. If you have a video idea you would like to get out into the world, whether it's for your website, instagram or an event, we would love to chat! We understand that marketing is simply storytelling and the key to growing will be to create stories: true stories, helpful stories, beautiful stories and video is one of the best ways to do this.

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Not only does Flora's knitwear combine beautiful colours, make you look snazzy and feel super soft, her business considers sustainability and the environment at every step, as well as valuing the people and skills that are part of it. The time it takes to create (seven different processes for each scarf) the attention to detail and the way her pieces transcend seasonal trends, mean that you will have something that you will treasure for many many years.


Overlooking the Dornoch Firth and steeped in history stands Embo House. For this film Ginny spoke about how she wanted to show how Embo was the perfect place to explore the Scottish Highland's and be adventurous, but also a place to curl up on the sofa with a book. Dornoch also holds a lot of memories for Ginny and her family, so we also wanted to show how Embo House is the perfect place to spend time with you favourite people.


Down a cobbled street in Bo-Kaap, Cape Town is Abi's home and studio, where the beautiful Soul Design Jewellery is based. Every room is filled with things she's collected as she's travelled around and collaborated with different artisans. Abi wanted a short film for Soul's website telling their story. A story about travelling, collaborating and collecting, but also one about home.


The Climate Challenge Programme Malawi is a Scottish Government initiative helping rural communities in Malawi find innovative solutions to problems caused by climate change. Working through local partner organisations, the programme started with a series of workshops in rural communities in southern Malawi, to learn about the problems they face and what would help them to improve their access to food, water and energy.


For this film we wanted to capture the thoughtful yet frivolous drawings of Isla's colourful characters. Her drawings and paintings take inspiration from modern life and all the troubles that come with it, but they always see the humourous and fun side of things. With her love for the creatures and critters we share this planet with, she often contributes to conservation charities and is always mindful in her process, using recycled papers and compostible bags! 


A journey through a beautiful corner of the UK’s largest National Park, the Cairngorms. Passing pristine Caledonian Pine Forest, moorland, Lochnagar and Loch Muick. Whilst learning about the history of Balmoral Castle and the conservation management that takes place in order to preserve and enhance the biodiversity of this area.


Amaranthine is an Edinburgh based Scottish skincare brand run by Sarah Rueger. Her handmade natural products include organic cleansing balms, natural clay masks and facial oils. Sustainability and being eco-conscious are really important to Amaranthine, especially when it comes to sourcing ingredients and Amaranthine was the first skincare brand to be certified as palm oil free. 


A big part of Kusini Safari's is the belief that responsible tourism can be part of the solution in solving problems of wildlife conservation and improving economic and social development. They also believe in having a lot of fun. Paul wanted to create a video that showed the unexpected and fun moments, that happen on his safaris, whether it's a gigantic herd of buffalo crossing your path or a quick waltz at the sundowner spot by the river.


The Nigerian Creative Enterprise Support Programme is an initiative by the British Council which focuses on the development of talent and innovation within the Fashion industry. The aim of this tour was to provide a platform to expand networks, exchange knowledge and explore opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with UK counterparts.

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